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from the archives: frankenmusic(s)

Originally posted (under the title ‘beta test 11-10-08: preamble’) on November 25, 2008 in response to the testing session with Franziska Schroeder, and to Franziska’s article. This testing session took place a year and a half before io 0.0.1 beta++’s public debut, and at this stage io was very much work in progress. Almost eight […]

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from the archives: In Conversation with an Automaton

The Leonardo Electronic Almanac’s archives, a project to reissue articles that document over fifteen years of techno-cultural activity, has caught up with ‘My Favorite Things: The Joy of the Gizmo’ (Volume 15, No. 11-12, November–December 2007). That issue of the LEA, a companion to Leonardo Music Journal, Volume 17, featured my article, ‘In Conversation with […]

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(imaginary) introductions by io

Some imaginary statements by io 0.0.1 beta: Greetings! I am io 0.0.1 beta, an interactive, semi-autonomous, non-human technological artifact—a musical automaton. I operate as parts of a real-time cyborg ensemble—a socio-technical/socio-musical network—in which the primary protocol is improvisation. I am, perhaps, an improviser and a social machine. from the abstract of ‘io 0.0.1 beta: ironic […]

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beta test 11-10-08: preamble

frankenmusic(s) Almost eight years ago, when io-to-be was a bunch of discorporate code fragments, Sara Roberts remarked that the enterprise of constructing a machine improvisers wasn’t so much megalomanic as Frankensteinian. Fifteen days ago, during the break between beta test sessions, Franziska Schroeder asked a pithy question that cut to the core of this enterprise: […]

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hp->midi early report

One area in which I’ve been concerned with the question of optimization vs. elegance is in the hp->midi word (a ‘word’ is Forth parlance for function / procedure / subroutine). This word takes the hp_ values (with a range of -hp_range/2 to hp_range/2), which io’s cognitive innards generate, and translates them into legal MIDI control […]

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In Conversation with an Automaton

‘In Conversation with an Automaton: Identities and Agency in a Heterogeneous Social and Musical Network’, my article on io 0.0.1 beta, is published in the Leonardo Electronic Almanac.

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