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HMSL at Whitechapel Gallery, London

Nothing directly to do with io 0.0.1 beta++ (it didn’t make the cut for this show), but the Hierarchical Music Specification Language developed by Phil Burk, Larry Polansky and David Rosenboom, and which drives the cognitive innards of io 0.0.1 beta++, forms part of the subject of the Luke Fowler and Mark Fell curated exhibition […]

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Dalston Sound: sonic terrain

In the context of his discussion of Richard Barrett’s Dark Matter, and Barrett and Han-earl Park’s ‘Numbers’, Tim Owen of Dalston Sound describes ‘io 0.0.1 beta++’ (SLAMCD 531): Intellectually, if nothing else, the pair [Richard Barrett and Han-earl Park] are an intriguing match. Before his meeting with Barrett, in May 2010, Park recorded an album, […]

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rack wiring: 8-pin mini DIN angst

Almost completed the wiring of the rack (except the patch panel foot switch connectors which I am leaving for the moment). No problem with the XLR connectors, quarter inch phones, MIDI cables, barrel connectors… then I hit a major snag with the 8-pin mini DIN panel socket for the Mac serial connector. Too small, too […]

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rack: loaded and powered up

Here’s the test of the power supply and the power inlet of the patch panel.

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enclosure and power supply (intermediate version)

Here’s photos of the intermediate version of the power supply in its enclosure. The front of the unit is at the top of the image, and the back is at the bottom. You’re also looking up at the the unit in these photos. Power switch and LED indicators are at the top left of the […]

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power supply (early version)

The power supply has to provide, at a minimum, 0.7A @ +12V for the VL70m (power consumption measured at 0.6A @ 13.1V), and 1.3A @ +9V for the pitch-to-MIDI converters (GI-10: 0.26A @ 10.2V; GI-20: 0.8A @ 11.3V). Eventually, it will also provide bipolar power for the pre-amplifier (±12V or ±15V likely created using a […]

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pre-amp outline

The old version of io connected the output of the synthesizer directly to the amplifier. [see: figure] This wasn’t too much of a problem since, though unbalanced, the signal was low-impedance, line-level. There were, however, a couple of less desirable aspects to this. One was that the drivers (the woofer and the tweeter) would not […]

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