beta test 11-10-08 & 12-08-08: resultant changes

Here’s a list of the significant changes. These address issues that Franziska Schroeder and Bruce Coates brought up during the testings in November and December respectively.

  • Greater variation in output.
    • Including pseudo-Braxtonian ‘separation’ implemented via interp tables.
    • Implementation of a meta-banalyzer that shakes up the system depending on input variation.
    • Greater variation in the VL70m settings.
  • More responsive to external stimulus.
    • Implementation of a meta-banalyzer (see above).
    • Greater number of elements triggered by the banalyzers and the meta-banalyzer.
    • Fix error in the banalyzer+ class.
    • Variable event buffer.
    • Reduction in the damping and absorption parameters in the VL70m model.
  • Less and more machine-esque.
    • Reduction in the damping and absorption variables in the VL70m model which results in a more ‘synthetic’ sound,
    • but also disguises the strongly cyclical generator.

Thanks to the Arts Council of Ireland for supporting this project, and to Bruce and Franziska for their time, labor and expertise.

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