future developments? OS X, Cocoa and Forth

Roelf Toxopeus has written a Mac OS X / Cocoa interface for SwiftForth and iForth [examples/screenshots…]. He writes:

Cocoa GUI interface for Darwin based Forth systems.


— Similar in usage as other interfaces in MacForth and Mach2. Think of things like NEW-XXX ADD.XXX etc.

— No hacks, no shortcuts. Should survive OS upgrades! Follow their rules.

— Try to stay close to ObjC names and procedures. Makes Apple examples easy to follow and to implement.

Inevitable is breaking the rules.

Note: Cocoa interface runs in CarbonMacForth(2008), iForth(2009) and SwiftForth(2010).

Current Mac OSX is Snow Leopard 10.6.8 and Lion 10.7.1

Current development is in SwiftForth.

Current target is ObjC runtime 2. [Read the rest…]

Meanwhile Nao Sacrada has released an alpha version of iMops, a 64bit, Cocoa, Intel port of Mops [more info…].

Exciting, and interesting implications for io’s descendants.

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