source code: io 0.0.1 beta

For the record: source code for io 0.0.1 beta [68kB zip file].

Note that this is only the io 0.0.1 beta specific files, I haven not included the auxiliary code in this archive.


 directory assignment and load file for io.

 see the file io_top for more information.

 Code: Han-earl Park
 Copyright 2000 Buster & Friends C-ALTO Labs
 (Edinburgh, November 1996 -
 (London, August 1997 -
 (Den Haag, October 1997 -
 (Valencia, March 1999 -
 (Southampton, May 2000 -
   REV: 0.0.1 alpha (Southampton, October  2000)
   REV: 0.0.1 beta  (Southampton, November 2000)

 MOD: HeP 03/05/99 Started project afresh!
                   This version keeps most of the "intelligence" in the
                   objects, while the piece specific elements are kept to a
                   minimum. It is also a test for the "laurie" project.
 MOD: HeP 01/22/00 Trash the file io_util.
 MOD: HeP 01/26/00 Only load objects:io_patches if io_vl70m is true.
 MOD: HeP 02/07/00 Get rid of conditional compilation of the multiple
                   instrument objects -- they all get compiled now.
                   Same goes for the input parsers.
                   Rename the io:objects: directory as io:modules:
 MOD: HeP 04/09/00 Load the file myt:parser_list.
 MOD: HeP 04/16/00 Load the file myt:ctrl_interpreter.
 MOD: HeP 04/17/00 Add the modules:io_interp component.
                   Load io_config before the modules.
 MOD: HeP 04/18/00 Change load order of the major io components.
 MOD: HeP 04/19/00 Add modules:io_particle component.
 MOD: HeP 04/26/00 No longer load myt:hp_input_particle since we define an
                   equivalent class in io_particle.
                   Add modules:io_player component.
 MOD: HeP 06/01/00 modules:io_script may be loaded. See file io_screen.
 MOD: HeP 06/07/00 io_glob loads before modules.
 MOD: HeP 06/20/00 Split off io_ui from io_screen and io_input.
 MOD: HeP 10/02/00 Load file myt:ctrl_numeric+.
 REV: 0.0.1 alpha  __________________________________________________________
 MOD: HeP 11/02/00 Load the file myt:mono_parser+.
 REV: 0.0.1 beta   __________________________________________________________

assign  io:   hmsl:io


    : LI    " io:load_io"  $include ;


 device classes

include?  task-device           myt:device
include?  task-midi_device      myt:midi_device
include?  task-interpreter      myt:interpreter
include?  task-ctrl_interpreter myt:ctrl_interpreter
include?  task-fan_out          myt:fan_out

 input components

include?  task-parser         myt:parser
include?  task-mono_parser    myt:mono_parser
include?  task-mono_parser+   myt:mono_parser+
include?  task-poly_parser    myt:poly_parser
include?  task-guitar_parser  myt:guitar_parser

include?  task-parser_list    myt:parser_list

include?  task-pulse_tracker  myt:pulse_tracker
include?  task-pulse_tracker+ myt:pulse_tracker+

include?  task-banalyzer      myt:banalyzer
include?  task-banalyzer+     myt:banalyzer+

 output components

include?  task-midi_plus     myt:midi_plus

include?  task-gm_instrument myt:gm_instrument
include?  task-gm_drumkit    myt:gm_drumkit
include?  task-gm_patch      myt:gm_patch

include?  task-vl_sysex      myt:vl_sysex
include?  task-vl_instrument myt:vl_instrument
include?  task-vl_patch      myt:vl_patch

 "henri poincare"

include?  task-hp_util            myt:hp_util
include?  task-hp_particle        myt:hp_particle
include?  task-hp_force           myt:hp_force
include?  task-hp_space           myt:hp_space
include?  task-hp_gravity         myt:hp_gravity
include?  task-hp_particle_player myt:hp_particle_player


include?  task-graph_plus    myt:graph_plus
include?  task-gr_view       myt:gr_view
include?  task-screen+       myt:screen+
include?  task-ctrl_numeric+ myt:ctrl_numeric+


include?  task-io_config   io:io_config
include?  task-io_glob     io:io_glob

include?  task-io_interp   io:modules:io_interp
include?  task-io_player   io:modules:io_player
include?  task-io_particle io:modules:io_particle
include?  task-io_space    io:modules:io_space
include?  task-io_patches  io:modules:io_patches

include?  task-io_hp       io:io_hp
include?  task-io_matrix   io:io_matrix
include?  task-io_input    io:io_input
include?  task-io_output   io:io_output

include?  task-io_ui       io:io_ui
include?  task-io_screen   io:io_screen

include?  task-io_top      io:io_top
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